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Optimizing Admixtures for SCC Optimizing Admixtures for SCC

You can only achieve successful construction with self-consolidating concrete when the SCC mixture exhibits proper rheological parameters. Read more

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Looking past the occasional swings caused by political and social events, there is...

New Rules for Ready-Mixed Concrete Truck Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration finalizes favorable ready mixed...

Research Proves Concrete is Better

MIT research bolsters Build with Strength campaign In Seattle.

Work Truck Show: Save the Date

Work Truck Week is coming: The Work Truck Show and Green Truck Summit dates set...

ACI Announces New Structural Concrete Specifications

The American Concrete Institute announces the availability of two important new...

Precast Concrete Meets Ice Hockey

Precast concrete stadium components were used to construct a new ice hockey arena...

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Preventing Dust on Concrete

Dusting of slabs has several causes but always results when a layer of weak paste sits at concrete’s surface. Read more

ASTM Standards
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ASTM Standards

Why are ASTM standards important and why should concrete producers pay attention... Read more

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Aggregate Gradation Matters

How we buy and sell aggregate is quite different, and it can lead to trouble. Most specifications require coarse and fine aggregate to conform to the requirements, including the gradation, of ASTM C33. Read more

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Low Concrete Compressive Strength and Cores

ACI 301 gives direction to what is to be done in the event compressive strength results have fallen below the specified strength. Read more

Mix Designs and Polished Concrete
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Mix Designs and Polished Concrete

Concrete that will be ground and polished benefits from having a larger coarse... Read more

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