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Breaking News: Trump Reveals Infrastructure Details Breaking News: Trump Reveals Infrastructure Details

A big infrastructure bill has a high chance of passing, a huge shot in the arm for the ready-mix concrete industry. More

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Shamrock Materials sold to Vulcan

With Shamrock, Vulcan Materials picks up concrete, rock, sand and gravel...

Company Adds Fly Ash Terminal Capacity

Using fly ash in concrete significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint and...

PCA Sees 3.5% Cement Consumption Growth Next Two Years

Association's Spring 2017 Forecast factors U.S. infrastructure, tax reform and...

CEMEX Recognized for Land Stewardship

The award from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recognizes the continuing...

Four Ways to Keep Workers from Wrecking Your Company

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a business owner is being...

Shuttlelift Team Finished Annual Service School

The school is conducted as part of a continued effort to keep distributors and...

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Problem Clinic

What Exactly is Green Concrete
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What Exactly is Green Concrete

It shouldn’t cost significantly more to develop products that use less material or... More

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Preventing Dust on Concrete

Dusting of slabs has several causes but always results when a layer of weak paste sits at concrete’s surface. More

ASTM Standards
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ASTM Standards

Why are ASTM standards important and why should concrete producers pay attention... More

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Aggregate Gradation Matters

How we buy and sell aggregate is quite different, and it can lead to trouble. Most specifications require coarse and fine aggregate to conform to the requirements, including the gradation, of ASTM C33. More

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Low Concrete Compressive Strength and Cores

ACI 301 gives direction to what is to be done in the event compressive strength results have fallen below the specified strength. More

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