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What Trump's 15% Tax Rate Means for Producers What Trump's 15% Tax Rate Means for Producers

This could be a real windfall for the typical concrete producer who is an independent business. More

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136-foot Super-Girder Used on Bridge Project

Engineers specified an optimized girder shape, known as a Super-Girder

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Labor capacity risk may be mostly a case of missing motivators: mastery, autonomy,...

CEMEX Celebrates Earth Day

Teams across the Florida, Mid-South, Texas, and West regions planted trees,...

The Myths of Maintenance

There is a misconception in most executive suites that maintenance is just a cost...

Syrian Scandal Costs LafargeHolcim CEO his Job

LafargeHolcim CEO Eric Olsen will leave the company after the world's largest...

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What Exactly is Green Concrete
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What Exactly is Green Concrete

It shouldn’t cost significantly more to develop products that use less material or... More

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Preventing Dust on Concrete

Dusting of slabs has several causes but always results when a layer of weak paste sits at concrete’s surface. More

ASTM Standards
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ASTM Standards

Why are ASTM standards important and why should concrete producers pay attention... More

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Aggregate Gradation Matters

How we buy and sell aggregate is quite different, and it can lead to trouble. Most specifications require coarse and fine aggregate to conform to the requirements, including the gradation, of ASTM C33. More

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Low Concrete Compressive Strength and Cores

ACI 301 gives direction to what is to be done in the event compressive strength results have fallen below the specified strength. More

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