Fiber concrete reinforcement

Fibermesh 650 is an engineered, graded alloy polymer macro-synthetic fiber for secondary concrete reinforcement. Featuring the company's e3 technology—a blend of fibers engineered by length, thickness, and mix ratio—it is quickly distributed into the concrete mix, providing a multi-dimensional support network for 100% positive placement. It inhibits plastic shrinkage and provides impact, abrasion, and shatter resistance. Propex Concrete Systems. 800-621-1273. WOC booth #N825

Single-platform control system

As the first system to run batch controls, dispatch, GPS tracking, and business accounting functions on one platform, Keystone Total Control System runs off one data set for security, functionality, versatility, and predictability. The software handles multi-site, multi-state operations for ready-mix, aggregate, and asphalt companies. All of the components have a common look and feel for ease of use; sliders simplify navigation. GivenHansco Inc. 866-310-0060. WOC booth #N453

Fiber reinforcement dispenser system

The UltraFiber 500 Dispenser System provides precise and uniform fiber addition for high-quality concrete. The dispenser accepts 500-pound bags for high-volume loading and eliminates the need to climb on trucks to add fiber to the mix. Integrated controls allow for the printing out of data to the batch ticket. Buckeye Building Fibers LLC. 866-663-8999. WOC booth #N663

Non-entry cleaning system

The Ready Jet mixer drum cleaning system uses high-pressure water to safely remove residual hardened concrete from mixer drum interiors, cleaning right down to the bare metal without damaging the mixer drum's shell or blades. No jackhammers, explosives, or chemicals are needed. Just supply water to this mobile, self-contained unit. It is powered by a John Deere 325-hp diesel engine. Blasters Inc. 800-327-6799. www.blastersnet. WOC booth #S13557

Web-based order entry

Dispatchers can log onto, a Web site run by Sysdyne, to enter all orders, deploy mixer trucks, send tickets to the batching computer, and transfer tickets to accounting systems for billing. The company is offering software for renting over the Web, called software on-demand, which takes away the responsibility of hosting, maintaining, and upgrading the software and hardware from the subscriber's IT staff. There is no hardware to procure, no up-front license fee, and no complex setups. Sysdyne Corp. 877-797-3963. booth #N971

Foam cutting machine

The 8700CNC foam cutting machine's technology has spanned to bridge forms, ICF systems, architectural precast molds, and cement-coated foam trim. The machine has a handheld pendant for flexible control, a barcode scanner for organized production, high-speed servo motors for performance, and independent axis wire control for modern architectural designs. Hotwire Direct. 800-555-4042. WOC booth #N109

Fiber dispensing system

The SRG Smart Dispenser is a fiber dispensing system for concrete plants with fiber chopping technology that increases productivity by consistently fast-dosing fibers. This compact machine doses a 2000-pound pallet of fiber without any human intervention. Full automation and the central command enhance worker safety. Delivering Anti-Crak HP, a multi-purpose alkali-resistant glass fiber, installation is quick and simple. Saint-Gobain Vetrotex, Specialty Reinforcements Group. 877-777-8072. WOC booth #N747

Crack repair in minutes

Curing in 10 minutes for overlays or coatings, Emecole 555 permanently bonds to concrete in working temperatures up to 100° F. With a strength of more than 4000 psi, it is designed for repairing spalls and cracks in driveways, patios, and garage and basement floors. Low viscosity allows deep penetration into concrete and the repaired area can be put into service or overlayed within 15 minutes of application. Emecole Inc. 800-844-2713. WOC booth #S14700

Connectable spill pallets

Ultra-Modular IBC Spill Pallets use low-profile pallets and expansion tanks connected via bulkhead fittings. Each tank sits on a heavy-duty 75-gallon spill pallet that offers a uniformly distributed load capacity of 9000 pounds. Sharing sump capacity allows each system to meet EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations. UltraTech International Inc. 800-353-1611. WOC booth #S13523

Rebar connectors for corners

Intended to increase production and cut welding costs, the polycarbonate Korner Klip connects rebar cages and rebar baskets and hold cages together for lifting. Using these clips simplifies rebar cage and basket assembly and eliminates injuries from hot welded rebar. Adhering to the company's color code, red clips are for connecting #4 rebar while white clips connect #5 rebar. Kodi Klip Corp. 888-588-5547. WOC booth #N1961