TOOLSSprayer resists harsh chemicals

Built with Viton O-Rings to stand up to harsh chemicals, the two-gallon capacity Super Sprayer is designed for concrete stains, form release agents, fabric protectors, disinfectants, and degreasers. It uses a chemical resistant hose, a high-performance poly pump, a heavy-duty angled wand, and professional-grade flat fan and cone pattern nozzles. For superior comfort, the sprayer features a lightweight tank and comfort-grip shutoff. It also is metal-free. H.D. Hudson Mfg Co. 800-523-9284. WOC booth #N2201

Rebar cutter and bender

The DBC-20X is a rebar bender and cutter in one unit. The cutter can be removed and used in a portable application or used in a stationary position. A foot pedal allows hands-free operation. The tools are mounted on a heavy-duty, powder-coated, skidded housing. No hard wiring is required as it plugs into weather-protective electrical outlets. Benner-Nawman Inc. 800-992-3833. WOC booth #N2421

Portable hole coring system

The Hole Core Buddy hole coring system cores holes up to 10 inches in diameter, eliminates the need for bulky drill rigs, and works with tools already owned. It is sold as a kit and ready to adapt to the contractor's drive motor, such as a 9-inch grinder. Premium hole core drill bits designed for the kits have a special connection system that help self-align the core bit and the drive shaft. U.S. Saws. 866-987-7297. WOC booth #O31100

Sprayer for multiple products

The 1125 RXF Foamer Sprayer is a portable spray unit designed to apply concrete removers, soaps, and acid detergents in a thick, clinging foam. The sprayer won't rust or corrode and has a 2.5-gallon capacity. Additional features include a funnel top, Viton seals, foam inductor, wand, and nozzle. Romix Chemical Inc. 800-331-2243. WOC booth #N153

Adjustable trowel

A quick-releasing assembly and rib mounting on the CAM-Lock Trowel encourage customization, as the handle can be adjusted to a suitable position. The design also features interchangeable blades for varying applications. An additional handle can be added for extra control and force. Available in five sizes, the blades are constructed from durable high-carbon steel and have a rugged aluminum I-beam mounting. Marshalltown Co. 800-987-6935. WOC booth #S12039

Lightweight mason blanket

With temperatures reaching 120° F, the 10x10-foot Heated Mason Blanket eases winter working. Masons now can heat sand piles, water barrels, mortar mix, mixers, and tools and equipment in cold temperatures. The technology can thaw up to 8 inches of ground frost overnight. Each blanket weighs 15 pounds, and two can be plugged together for large areas. PowerBlanket LLC. 877-927-6432. WOC booth #S14104