Reads combined moisture

The MPAQ TouchBatch system reads combined moisture of all materials in the mixer and calculates the exact water target to achieve the desired moisture. Performing the same function of a stand-alone moisture control computer, the software is integrated with the batch software. It's easy to alternate between dry- and wet-cast products. Additional features include unattended operation, remote demand stations, management reports, and full Q/C recordation. MPAQ Automation Inc. 888-672-0349. MCPX booth #1333

Wire rope anchors

Simple, pre-engineered anchors offer an economical and effective option for face lifting or edge lifting in tension. Made from high-quality wire rope securely swaged together in a loop, they are tagged with a color code for easy load capacity identification. Anchors may be positioned to project from the concrete, allowing regular lifting hooks to be used, or may be recessed for a cleaner finish. Concrete Accessories. 770-417-1110. MCPX booth #357

Planetary mixer

The planetary mixers feature electrical systems built for the U.S. industrial environment, so no rewiring is necessary. Counter-current rotating action of the mixing arms, made of abrasion-resistant Ni-hard iron, can produce a homogeneous batch of concrete, aggregate, liquid, and other materials as quickly as 30 seconds. Urethane guards protect the mixing arms. The mixer is available in ½, 1, 1 ½, 2, and 4 cubic yard sizes. Mixer Systems Inc. 800-756-4937. MCPX booth #1143

Block and paver curing system

The Quadrix Accelerated Concrete Curing System provides optimal curing for semi-dry precast concrete blocks, pavers, and curbing products. Added heat accelerates cement hydration; air circulation maintains consistent temperature; added moisture ensures maximum cement hydration and harder corners and edges. The system also circulates carbon dioxide to reduce efflorescence. Kraft Energy Systems Inc. 817-338-4997. MCPX booth #101

Surface aging system

The Tumblemaster aging system provides increased output at a low unit cost. This system treats paving stones and retaining walls both inline and offline without subjecting the surface to force impact. Different programmable settings provide a range of treatment finishes for different products. Hess Machinery Ltd. 905-575-4440. MCPX booth #424

Vibrator for dry cast

Weighing only 89 pounds, the 18 123 540 high force vibrator for dry cast applications produces a 5400-pound force at 3600 rpm. High-quality bearings increase the vibrator's life expectancy; adapter plates are available. Its compact size makes the dependable and interchangeable machine easy to handle. Brecon Inc. Vibration Technology. 815-463-8073. MCPX booth #482

Admixture for flatwork

Eucon Pro-Finish is a specially formulated concrete admixture for improving the finishability of concrete flatwork. Designed for decorative concrete, architectural concrete, flatwork, and general-purpose ready-mixed concrete, it's mixed as a dark brown liquid. Benefits include improved finishability, reduced permeability, and slump retention. The admixture also reduces the energy required to give concrete a smooth appearance. The Euclid Chemical Co. 800-321-7628. MCPX booth #1621

Puddle-free dust suppression

A hydraulically driven dust suppression system, Dynaset's water pump provides high-pressure water to nozzles mounted directly on work tools such as pulverizers, hammers, crushers, or drills. The water droplets are large enough to weigh down dust, but small enough to evaporate quickly, preventing puddles and mud on the jobsite. Gensco Equipment. 800-268-6797. MCPX booth #421

Comfortable foam kneeler board

Bon's Foam Kneeler Board alleviates stress on jobsites like concrete finishing, carpet laying, and tile setting. The product is 24x14 inches and is washable and chemical-resistant. Handles on either side make for easy maneuvering and storage. Constructed of foam polyurethane, the cushion is permanently set in a heavy-gauge, polyethylene tray that provides waterproofing and protection against sharp objects. Bon Tool Co. 800-444-7060. MCPX booth#383

Blankets for precast

Custom-made to fit any bed length and width, these curing blankets have heat-welded seams and can include D-rings where a tie-down is required. They are made of two layers of vinyl-coated fabric adhesive bonded to a layer of cell foam insulation. Self-propelled custom roller/dispenser carts can be used to unroll blankets along a precast bed. Hamilton Form Co. 817-590-2111. MCPX booth #218