Easy-to-apply barrier

Applied by spraying it directly onto substrates like concrete and masonry, Perm-A-Barrier VP is a fluid-applied, acrylic air barrier membrane that provides continuous air tightness and water protection throughout the wall assembly. Acting as a drainage plane while allowing water vapor to escape, the barrier forms a fully adhered, breathable membrane designed for above-grade wall assemblies. Minimal surface prep is needed. Grace Construction Products. 877-423-6491. www.grace construction.com. MCPX booth #757

Mold release improves finish

Release Coating 7404, a water-based mold release agent, improves surface finish, providing a reactive barrier between the concrete and the form or mold. Providing easy, stress-free release, the coating replicates the detail today's concrete products require without staining or distorting the color. Benefits include good slip qualities, easy cleanup with water, good coverage qualities, and it's environmentally friendly. Huron Technologies Inc. 800-275-4902. www.hurontech.com. MCPX booth #134

Reversing drum mixer

The second generation imix3 reversing drum mixer boasts improved discharge speed, better service access, and water feed from the charge end of the drum. Producing 300 cubic yards of concrete per hour, material is delivered via an inclined conveyor belt to overhead bins with 500 tons of aggregate storage and distributed to six compartments by a swivel conveyor. Inventure Systems Ltd. 905-660-7772. www.inventuresystems.com. MCPX booth #1468

Compact excavator for full performance

Delivering power and performance equal to that of a standard excavator, the R924 compact excavator is a minimum tail-swing excavator suitable for 360-degree operation. The machine is equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine and an electronic regulating system that ensures an efficient conversion of the engine output in hydraulic performance, resulting in increased output and decreased fuel consumption. The operating weight is up to 58,643 pounds. Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. 866-879-6312. www.liebherr.com. MCPX booth #321

Stud extender

The MeadowBurke stud extender is an easy-to-use solution for setting weld plates. It's designed as an adjustable height support chair for embed/weld plates and can be used in tilt-up and precast applications. Benefits include reduced installation time, cost, and materials savings, and the elimination of wood forming. The product is available in two sizes, 1- and 1 ¼-inch, and is also good for insulated panels. Meadow Burke Products. 877-518-7665. www.meadowburke.com. MCPX booth #1113

Rugged concrete pump

The Thom-Katt TK 30 concrete pump delivers 31-cubic-yard per hour output and pressure up to 1150 psi. It is designed for mortar and block fill, masonry grouting, pumping stem walls, shotcrete, and general concrete applications. This trailer-mounted pump's S-valve design has outlet end adjustment when tightening is required. Other features include a hinged hopper, hydraulic remixer, and manual outriggers. Putzmeister America. Inc. 800-884-7210. www.putzmeister.com. MCPX booth #786