Reinforced concrete pipe was the foundation for the major Pennsylvania road project.
Engineers had to consider loosened shale and bedrock, bogs hidden under the ground, and the possibility of landslides.

A sampling of pipe manufacturing products follows. Circle the reader service number for more information.

Versatile drycast machine

The Multicast SC 250 is designed to drycast pipe and culverts, as well as complete manhole systems up to 96 inches in diameter and 10 feet in length. It also makes square units up to 78 inches. It comes with table vibration or central core vibration, and features PLC controls. CTI Inc. 800-284-5050.

Bidirectional pipe machine

The A-84 concrete pipe machine combines advanced technology with the bidirectional rollerhead system to produce pipe diameters from 18 to 84 inches, in lengths up to 12 feet. The machine manufactures pipe with excellent wire-to-concrete bond, improved compaction, superior appearance, uniform lengths, and precise joint detail. It features a unique frame design that permits multiple material feed options, and an optional steel pit foundation shell to reduce custom formwork and installation expense. Besser Co. 800-968-0444.

Large diameter pipemaking machine

The Schlosser-Pfeiffer Variant is a large diameter pipemaking machine capable of making pipe with internal diameters as small as a foot, external diameters as large as 19 feet, lengths up to 16 feet, and weights up to 30 tons. The machine also features a central vibrator for consolidation, a hydraulic clamp for quick mold changes, and programmable control system. Hess Machinery Ltd. 905-575-4440.

Automate pipe production

The robotic AutoPlant automates concrete pipe production while maximizing plant flexibility. The nucleus of the system is an automatic three-station PipePro Machine that manufactures up to three pipe sizes at a time. Pipes are automatically offborne from the machine and demolded on a circulating moving floor system. Products are automatically post-processed. The Hawkeye Group Inc. 800-626-1451.

Mesh rollers

Computerized mesh rollers aid in concrete pipe cage fabrication. Weighing 25,000 pounds, the standard 8-foot unit is capable of rolling W12.0 on 2-inch centers. The 12-foot standard model can shear and roll W10.5 on 2-inch centers. The heavy-duty models shear and roll W14.0 on 2-inch spacing safely, accurately, and reliably. Elk River Machine Co. 877-433-3762.