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Impervious concrete barrier

Applied by roller, squeegee, or spray, the ICO Flexi-Coat is designed to extend the life of bridge decks and other outside concrete structures. This 100% solids, two-part epoxy coating provides an impervious barrier that protects concrete from moisture, wear, salt, and chemicals. It also prevents the freeze/thaw cracking and corrosive rebar attack. Bridge decks may be returned to service in eight to 10 hours, and the product adheres to damp and dry substrates. International Coatings Inc. 800-624-8919. WOC booth #S13907

Easy-to-apply barrier

Applied by spraying it directly onto substrates like concrete and masonry, Perm-A-Barrier VP is a fluid-applied, acrylic air barrier membrane that provides continuous air tightness and water protection throughout the wall assembly. Acting as a drainage plane while allowing water vapor to escape, the barrier forms a fully adhered, breathable membrane designed for above-grade wall assemblies. Minimal surface preparation is needed. Grace Construction Products. 877-423-6491. WOC booth #N865

Durable vapor retarder

Viper VaporCheck, an under-slab vapor retarder, is manufactured using cross-woven polyethylene. Designed to withstand harsh construction traffic, thereby reducing the risk of punctures and pathways for water infiltration, the product is easy to install. It's available in 12x200-foot rolls and three different thicknesses—6½, 10, and 16 mils. Insulation Solutions Inc. 866-698-6526. WOC booth #N144

Provides all-over heat

Intended for use with hydronic ground thawing and concrete curing applications, Red Wave insulation blankets are constructed of a thin, high-tech polymer laminate. Placed over the hydronic heater's hoses, they're designed to direct heat downward. The conductive facing material transmits heat laterally, cutting back on frost islands. The blanket requires little storage space and, weighing 50 pounds and measuring 6x125 feet, takes only one person to set up. No water can permeate through with its closed-cell construction. Ground Heaters Inc. 231-799-9600. WOC booth #C4337

General purpose putty

Providing excellent adhesion to masonry, concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass, polyurethane, and glass, Wall-Nu Trowelable Mastic is a 100% solids, two-component epoxy. The substance may be applied, without sagging, to horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. Capable of being applied up to a 1-inch thickness on vertical surfaces, it's ideal for patching, coving, lining, adhesive bonding, and blending surfaces. Once cured, the product is easily sanded, drilled, or filed. Chemline Inc. 314-664-2230. WOC booth #S12111

Wet-curing blanket

Designed for indoor and outdoor wet curing applications, UltraCure can absorb more than 41 gallons of curing water per roll. This lightweight, disposable blanket requires 2 to 3 inches of overlap and is designed to maintain 100% relative humidity on the surface for up to one week. McTech Group Inc. 866-913-8363. WOC booth #N2175

Innovative floor and roof system

Although ideal for use with insulating concrete form construction, the AmDeck Floor and Roofing system also may be used with other wall systems. With the potential to span up to 35 feet, the product is assembled using small, standardized, lightweight modular units. The expanded polystyrene in the decking system provides thermal insulation and reduces noise transmission. Amvic Building System. 877-470-9991. WOC booth #N1053.

One-step sealer

This water-based sealer, Sure-Lock WB, is designed for sealing interlocking stone and pavers. It penetrates into joint sand to bind the sand together and to lock the pavers into place. The sealer prevents erosion of joint sand and reduces weed growth between pavers. The sealer may be applied via roller or spray equipment, followed by using a squeegee to move the product into the joints. ChemMasters. 800-486-7866. WOC booth #S11951

Shear reinforcement system

Lenton Steel Fortress shear reinforcement system provides a simple, economical solution to brittle punching shear. It easily ties to the top layer of the main reinforcing bar and meets or exceeds ASTM A505-87 with a minimum yield strength of 72,500 psi and a minimum elongation of 11%. It quickly installs over the uppermost layer of main reinforcing bars and easily accommodates unexpected design changes and irregular rebar placement. ERICO Inc. 800-248-2677. WOC booth #N2929

One-stop water-repellent sealer

Hydrostop is a water-repellent sealer that works better and lasts much longer than conventional sealers because it contains a unique blend of silane and siloxane compounds that react with silicates below the substrate surface. This forms an insoluble barrier within the surface that won't wear away, fade, yellow, crack, or peel. The finished application is virtually invisible, leaving the surface with its original appearance and breathability. The Kryton Group. 800-267-8280. WOC booth #S13504