Buckeye Building Fibers' updated, automated dispensing equipment, like at Irving Materials in Texas, provides an I/O port for data transmission.
Double-bin fiber dispenser

The Elite II Fiber Dispenser is simple, easy to install, and features two bins that let you choose from two types of fibers. This pressure vacuum delivery system delivers fiber faster and to longer distances. It requires a smaller delivery tube, and its compact design requires less space. VM Fiber Feeder Inc. 941-342-9997. 1.

Customize to batch size

Designed for automatic production, the Scale-Tron Fiber Bag Dispenser drops fiber into the mix. It holds up to 15 bags, allowing producers to proportion the fiber to the batch size. It can be installed to drop the bags into a scale hopper, onto the aggregate belt, or directly into the mixer or truck. Scale-Tron Inc. 800-632-7083. 2.

Automated bulk dispenser

The UltraFiber 500 automated fiber delivery system consists of a waterproof bin, flexible screw auger, and a timer. The bin holds up to 500 pounds; the auger allows discharge into a weigh hopper or into the inlet chute of a ready-mix truck. Buckeye Technologies Inc. 866-663-8999. 3.

Dispense fibers automatically

The Nycon DoserMan dispenser eliminates manually adding fibers to concrete mixes. It integrates with batch systems, using an air-driven, dry-process technology. It has a 350-pound capacity, with a dispensing speed of 10 pounds of synthetic fiber per minute. The system is suitable for operations with up to 50 ready-mix trucks. The company also provides installation service. Nycon Inc. 800-456-9266. 4.

Fiber dispenser improves order accuracy

The AccuFeeder fiber dispensing system allows producers to load synthetic fibers into the mix using pre-measured, water-soluble bags. The dispensing system improves order accuracy. AccuFeeder provides documentation and because there's no climbing on the truck, it reduces accidents and injuries. Propex Concrete Systems. 800-621-1273. 5.

Metal fiber dispenser

Sicoma's metal fiber dispenser accepts bulk fibers and dispenses them by weight into a mixer or holding hopper. The bottom of the loading hopper has a cleated belt that teases the fibers and feeds them slowly to the rotating drum. The dispenser can be controlled from a batch controller as part of the batching process, allowing fibers to be proportioned in any desired ratio. Sicoma. 800-632-7083. 6.

Add fibers with compressed air

The Big Shot fiber transport system safely and quickly moves fiber from ground-level storage to upper-level trucks or batching systems with compressed air. Producers can use this patent-pending system with pre-weighed bags or loose fibers. Forta Corp. 800-245-0306. 7.