Unloader breaks hardened material

National Bulk Equipment's Bulk Bag Unloader features deblocking rams and massage paddles to clear the discharge spout of material that has hardened during shipping. Operators no longer need to beat on bags with bats or sledgehammers to get the material to flow. A low-pressure hydraulic system provides a smooth and controlled operation, with an adjustable pressure switch to control the compression force on the de-blocking rams for different materials. National Bulk Equipment. 616-399-2220. www.nbe-inc.com..

Two-ton bulk bags

Global-Pak's flexible intermediate bulk containers are woven bulk bags designed to carry up to two tons. These convenient bags cut labor costs per container and reduce lifting injuries by taking manual labor out of the equation. Available in several sizes, they also are an economical way to transport dry solids. Global-Pak. 330-482-1993. www.global-pak.com..

Bulk filling stations

Bulk bag filling stations can be designed to any specific application, with components including net weighers or integrated vibration for any bag size. Built on wheels, the stations can be docked under any silo of choice. Product relevant data are transmitted via radio to the central control room. Stations are also equipped with an automatic water cleaning system. Haver Filling Systems Inc. 770-760-1130. www.haverusa.com..

Bulk bags hold 3000 pounds

Standard bulk bags hold up to one cubic yard of material with a capacity of 3000 pounds. The bags are available with funnel tops or bottoms, or with a plastic liner as a moisture barrier. Half-yard sizes are also available. Each bag has a safety rating of 5:1 and can be customized with additional features, sizes, or logos. One Ton Bag LLC. 888-311-2247. www.onetonbag.com..

Dust-free bulk bag system

Flexicon's Bulk Bag Unloader eliminates dust while working with dry materials like cement, sand, and aggregate. The unit features a manual Spout-Lock clamp ring atop a pneumatically actuated telescoping tube, enabling the operator to make quick, dust-tight connections. The unloader is also equipped with actuators that loosen compacted material, promoting material flow into the discharge spout. An optional dust collector creates negative pressure to collapse empty bags. Flexicon Corp. 888-353-9426. www.flexicon.com..

Redesigned bulk bag filler

The redesigned BagPak 2000AD bulk bag filler is constructed with heavy-duty steel frames and includes an integrated floor scale. It offers automated ejection filling, using an inboard gravity conveyor lifted by air bladders. Other features include adjustable strap receiver arms and fill head for quick bag size changes and fork pockets for easy mobility. FormPak Inc. 800-936-7672. www.formpakinc.com..