GigaCrete's PlasterMax-ICF and StuccoMax-ICF products complement the sustainable attributes of ICF construction.

PlasterMax-ICF products resist abrasion, fire, mold, mildew, and insects. They can be finished in many ways: Venetian, textured, painted, smooth, sealed, or stained.

Because PlasterMax reaches strengths exceeding 8000 psi within seven days, it offers higher impact resistance than traditional plaster or drywall. The finish coat protects ICF walls in high-traffic and high-abuse areas, such as schools, hotels, medical facilities, multifamily housing, and correctional facilities.

For external use

GigaCrete's exterior product, Stucco-Max-ICF, provides an impact-resistant coating. Contractors can apply it with a stucco sprayer or hand trowel directly over ICF forms in one coat. (Check local building codes and ICF manufacturer requirements.)

StuccoMax-ICF eliminates the need for multiple coats and reduces installation times and costs; it can be applied as one coat in just one day. A new formulation may be approved in summer.

The factory and GigaLabs research center are in Las Vegas. The company expects to open more plants soon.