Pringle Development, a developer in Lake County, Fla., offers eco-friendly communities. These include light-colored concrete sidewalks and driveways, which are especially effective in hot climates.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is also developing a National Green Building Standard with the International Code Council and the NAHB Research Center. This will be an American National Standards Institute-approved, voluntary standard with its own points and certification.

The standard will offer comprehensive sustainable certification for subdivision design and development, in addition to homes. It should be completed soon. The most recent draft allows four possible points for using a combination of shading and light paving with reflective materials in at least 50% of concrete hardscaping.

As residential green rating systems and standards develop, they will offer more ways to promote the advantage of concrete's reflectivity. “People will discover a lot of opportunities when they see different ways they can earn credits,” says Donn Thompson, PCA's residential technology manager. “It's an exciting time. The research we're doing now will impact construction for many years.”

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