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    Credit: Source: NTEA

SAE J682 states:

  1. Splash and Stone Throw Clearance – The vertical measure from the ground to the bottom edge of the wheel-house, fender, guard, or other splash and throw limiting part of the vehicle shall not exceed 1/3 of the horizontal distance from that bottom edge to the center line of the axle. However, such limiting parts need be no closer to the road than 6 inches when the vehicle is loaded (to clear curb, snow, mud, ice, or other road obstructions).
  2. The splash and throw limiting part shall extend laterally for at least the width of the tire or tires.
  3. The splash and throw limiting part shall be as far to the rear from the wheel as practical for greatest efficiency.

While developing the NTEA report, Raybuck discovered state regulations vary considerably, with some mandating a minimum ground-to-bottom-of-flap dimension without regard to the horizontal distance that the mud-flap is located from the tire. “If the vehicle is to be operated in several states, review each state regulation where the vehicle will travel to determine the most stringent regulations, and install the mudflaps in compliance with those particular regulations,” Ray-buck advises.

If you have questions, contact the NTEA Technical Services Department at 800-441-6832.

Up-front Productivity for Precast Producers

Precast crews can now approach their work by using a specially designed front-discharge truck recently introduced by Indiana Phoenix, the Avila, Ind., truck manufacturer.

The new model is designed specifically for in-plant operations, as it lacks unnecessary over-the-road features such as six-wheel drive. Indiana Phoenix's new model makes precast operations more affordable, allowing operators to take advantage of the front-discharge truck's pinpoint positioning and labor savings.

The precast edition truck has a maximum-geared speed of less than 30 mph. Standard equipment includes a 20,000-lb. non-driving front axle and a single-drive tandem rated at 46,000 lb. The mixer-drum has a 10-cubic-yard capacity and is fabricated with Hardox 450 brinell steel for maximum life. The truck is powered by a Caterpillar 3126 coupled to an Allison RDS3500 automatic transmission.

For more information on the precast edition front-end mixer, contact Indiana Phoenix at 260-897-4397, or visit www.phoenixmixers.com.

Mixer Configuration Tool

London Machinery, one of North America's leading manufacturers of concrete mixer trucks and replacement drums, has launched its new expanded Web site featuring an exclusive Configurator tool.

The software enables ready-mixed concrete producers to design and build specs for a London Standard Mixer. Fleet managers can select items such as chassis range, drum sizes, pump mounts, controls, hatches, water tank sizes, and chute extensions. The tool also allows the customer to view and choose options such as a chute assist, LED lights, chute stopper, work lights, and a rear deck cover.

Once the selection process is completed and submitted, a London sales representative quickly provides a quote to the customer.

London has added a second Configurator tool for replacement drums. Producers can enter their existing drum measurements and then specify the thickness, gearbox, inspection hatch, drum assembly, and options such as surge blades.

To learn more, visit www.lmi.ca.