Concrete floors have low life-cycle impact due largely to their long lives. Kanare described how the world's oldest concrete floors were discovered in an archaeological excavation in Israel, and how the 10,000-year-old cement was made.

Innovative Concrete for Sustainable Construction

Jacques Lukasik, Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Lafarge

Lafarge has developed new concrete mixes with higher strength and durability, rapid set time, and self-compacting mixes. Ductal, an ultra-high performance concrete, achieves compressive strength six to eight times that of conventional concrete without rebar.

GreenSite Luncheon panelists were also among the speakers:

Sarah Mojzer presented her firm's recent work on the Northwest Career & Technical Academy in Las Vegas, entitled Concrete and Masonry LEED to Greener Education in Nevada. John Porterfield shared his vision of Green Mining, where future mines will treat all milled and waste rock as a resource to benefit local communities and industries and not create waste streams. Brad Nesset spoke about The Impact of Thermal Mass on LEED for New Construction Energy & Atmosphere Credits, with a focus on concrete sandwich wall systems.

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