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Solving Concrete Finishing Problems Solving Concrete Finishing Problems

Two factors impact the ability to finish concrete. The first is available paste in the mixture. The second is the window of time to allow finishing to be complete. Read more

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Should Superplasticizers be added at the Plant or the Jobsite? Should Superplasticizers be added at the Plant or the Jobsite?

Adding water reducers, including superplasticizers, at the ready-mix plant doesn't limit the ability to measure and control slump. What factors determine where they are added? Read more

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Aggregate Moisture in Concrete Aggregate Moisture in Concrete

The moisture condition of aggregate in concrete is very important. The absorption of the aggregate indicates the quantity of water which will be absorbed into the pore structure. Read more

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Coming Up Short Coming Up Short

QUESTION: We have a project where the contractor is constantly complaining we are shorting them on concrete. We have checked yield several times during placements and came up with good results. What should we do next? Read more

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Testing for Air in Concrete Testing for Air in Concrete

We retrieved a piece of the material and an air-void analysis showed that the air content met the project spec. What happened? Read more

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