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Flooring the Competition

Producers have always touted pre-cast concrete as a contractor-friendly building system. Often its design can eliminate extra work at the jobsite and boost safety and speed. So it's not surprising that the use of the Supranos Systems' patented precast concrete structural floor and roof system has grown steadily in Florida over the past 12 years. But support for the system has come from a surprising source: Mason contractors who work on the flooring system report substantial gains in their productivity and margins. Read more

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Integrating Technology

Concrete producers, who long have used some computer programs in their back office and batching areas, are seeing the benefits of adding new programs and integrating their systems. Computer companies, meanwhile, are taking advantage of high-efficiency chips, larger memory capabilities, and wireless technology to provide a wider (and cheaper) range of options. Read more

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A Winning Approach

Whether it's during the Super Bowl or the World Series, precast concrete is regularly on display to thousands of fans in the stands and tens of millions more watching at home on TV. The explosion of stadium projects throughout the country is an ideal stage for the industry to put its best foot forward. Precast concrete risers have long been a standard for stadiums and indoor arenas, offering benefits for seating units that most designers have come to recognize. Read more

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