Frank A. Kozeliski

Frank A. Kozeliski, PE, FACI, an ACI Member for 48 years, is a Consultant and Materials Engineer. He owned Gallup Sand & Gravel, currently Michele’s Ready Mix, before selling in 2007. He has worked with pervious concrete for 20 years. He graduated from New Mexico State University with his BS and MS in civil engineering, and is a registered professional engineer in Alabama, Texas, and New Mexico. Frank is an ACI Fellow and has been active with ACI’s New Mexico Chapter since its inception. He served as Chair of ACI 211, Proportioning Concrete, and is a member of ACI 229 CLSM, ACI 305 Hot Weather, ACI 308 Curing, ACI 330 Concrete parking lots, ACI 555 Recycling, and S801 student projects. In 2016 he developed a technique to make concrete business cards, coasters, and award plaques. You may contact him via email, or visit www.concrete-project.com.

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What Does Cylinder Strength Mean to a Producer? What Does Cylinder Strength Mean to a Producer?

There should be a change to  ASTM C 31 that all cylinders be required to be cured immersed in water for the first 24 hours, and here's why. Read more

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