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Using Electronic Batch Tickets Using Electronic Batch Tickets

At last, the ready-mix concrete industry has a chance to join the 21st century. Read more

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Concrete Mix Names

The concrete industry doesn't need to develop a single product code naming convention and force all producers to use it. Read more

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The Naming of Concrete Mixes

Jay Shilstone is often asked, "How should I name my concrete mixes?" He created a survey to help answer that question and sums it up with some great points to consider. Read more

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Producers Need to Get Concrete Test Results

It’s a violation of the building code when concrete producers are not provided with test results, yet it happens regularly. Read more

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Mobile Apps for Ready Mix Producers Mobile Apps for Ready Mix Producers

The construction industry as a whole has long been cautious about adopting new technology, but mobile apps for ready-mix producers and their customers may be an idea whose time has come. Read more

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