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The Forgotten Employee

Many producers say they have trouble finding good drivers. But some may fail to invest as much as they should in these key employees, who are often responsible for customers' most memorable interactions. TCP blogger Joan Fox offers three important ways you can help drivers represent you. Read more

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The Marketing and Customer Experience Headbutt

How many times have you felt a disconnect between a company's customer service message and your true experience? TCP blogger Joan Fox reminds us how important it is to "walk the talk." Read more

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Signs of Customer Appreciation

Why wait for an annual event? TCP blogger Joan Fox explains how you can make every day a customer appreciation day. Read more

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Hot Customer Service Opportunities

'Tis the season for construction crews to battle sweltering summer heat. TCP blogger Joan Fox shares simple ideas for surprising and delighting your hottest customers. Read more

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Would You Pass a Customer Service Audit?

TCP blogger Joan Fox shares her top 10 tips for ensuring a consistently excellent customer experience. Read more

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