There have been several new updates of important ASTM standards affecting concrete producers. Here is a summary of some committee announcements released in the last few months.

New Approved ASTM Standards:

C1077 - Standard Practice for Laboratories Testing Concrete and Concrete Aggregates for Use in Construction and Criteria for Laboratory Evaluation has been revised to C1077-06a.

C1116/C116M - Standard Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete has been revised (with designation change) to C1116/C116M-06.

C114 - Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement has had an epsilon edit, available as C114-06e1.

C1227 - Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Septic Tanks has been revised to C1227-07.

C1365 - Standard Test Method for Determination of the Proportion of Phases in Portland Cement and Portland-Cement Clinker Using X-Ray Powder Diffraction Analysis has been revised to C1365-06.

C1609/C1609M - Standard Test Method for Flexural Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (Using Beam With Third-Point Loading) has been revised to C1609/C1609M-06.

C1610/C1610M - Standard Test Method for Static Segregation of Self-Consolidating Concrete Using Column Technique has been revised to C1610/C1610M-06a.

C403/C403M - Standard Test Method for Time of Setting of Concrete Mixtures by Penetration Resistance has been revised to C403/C403M-06.

C780 - Standard Test Method for Preconstruction and Construction Evaluation of Mortars for Plain and Reinforced Unit Masonry has been revised to C780-06a.

C900 - Standard Test Method for Pullout Strength of Hardened Concrete has been revised to C900-06.

C1634 - Standard Specification for Concrete Facing Brick is a new standard, now available, C1634-06.

C426 - Standard Test Method for Linear Drying Shrinkage of Concrete Masonry Units has been revised to C426-06.

C55 - Standard Specification for Concrete Building Brick has been revised (with title change) to C55-06.

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