These new all-weather notebooks designed to help concrete professionals keep accurate field notes while working in harsh jobsite and plant conditions.
The Toughbook H2 tablet PC lets concrete producers stay connnect virtually all of the time.

Many of us have had important notes ruined by a spilled cup of coffee, a sudden downpour, or an errant squirt of a truck washing hose. Losing important jottings can not only hinder productivity but also affect safety. Quality technicians, foremen, and supervisors must log important details of each shift in harsh settings.

When documentation is key, it is important to have field notes you can read. That's why I was pleased to learn about a new series of notebooks designed for the construction professional who must write down action items outdoors.

The J.L. Darling Corp., Tacoma, Wash., has been manufacturing weather-proof paper recording products for many years. The firm's founder Jerry Darling developed Rite in the Rain paper to address that problem for the Pacific Northwest logging industry in the 1920s. Surveyors, researchers, and inspectors have been recording important information in these durable binders and notebooks. Now the manufacturer is branching out to other markets.

A few months ago, J.L. Darling launched new products designed for the construction industry. The new line of books includes a Job Hazard Analysis Notebook, Job Briefing Notebook, and a Daily Log. These all-weather notebooks are conveniently sized and tough enough to keep on hand throughout the workday.

The manufacturer uses a patented substrate to create the all-weather writing paper which sheds not only precipitation, but also sweat and humidity. This paper is designed for use in extreme conditions, thus the notes are durable and easily archived as original documents. In spite of Rite in the Rain's durability, it is totally recyclable as standard paper, unlike synthetic or poly-coated papers.

These new Job Safety notebooks complement the manufacturer's other popular all-weather products, which include shirt pocket notebooks, copier paper, field books, loose leaf, grid sheets, and all-weather pens. I use their all-weather football notecards every season. I don't want to forget my great calls, or the comments the coaches yell afterward.

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Tough Technology

For those producers who want to go paperless in a tough environment, Panasonic Solutions Co. recently unveiled the Toughbook H2, a fully rugged, ergonomic tablet PC. Designed for the construction industry, it offers the right mix of mobility, performance, and connectivity in extreme weather. It is engineered and certified for vehicle use. Best of all, the unit has been tested for durability and has a 6-foot drop rating.

Powered by an Intel processor and starting at only 3.5 pounds, the H2 delivers six and a half hours of battery life and includes fast charging, twin hot-swappable batteries. The Panasonic Toughbook H2 has a 10.1-inch dual- touch display that features exclusive technology such as anti-glare and anti-reflective screen treatments to make it easy to view in direct sunlight.

The Toughbook H2 has embedded wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to allow workers to stay connected virtually all of the time. There are optional integrated features such as barcode and RFID readers, camera, and GPS receiver to enhance productivity.

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