Three miles from Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters, the tech giant is building something as massive as its own global reach: Apple’s Campus 2.

Nicknamed The Spaceship, it is over one mile in circumference, and will run entirely on clean energy, powered by renewable sources. And while some people are impressed with the thousands of panels of curved window panes that will encase Apple’s mothership, we’re more interested in the 60,000 pounds of hollow concrete slabs that allow the building to breathe.

Each custom concrete slab — designed with large, hollowed out middles, allowing the building to “breathe” on its own — will average 13 feet x 40 feet. It took a team of 70 engineers to design them.

In total, 4,300 concrete slabs, weighing a total 212 tons, were used to create the structure.

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