Credit: Precision Development

Forcast by Precision Development can automate and streamline precast producers' information flow.
Lean and improved

Bailey suggests that his software can help transform a well-run local company into a world-class enterprise. “We have provided a measurement feature that incorporates the principles of lean management into concrete production,” he says.

Using their work at IPC as background, Forcast will enable producers to measure/predict labor efficiency by integrating work steps, formulas, and order of operations with job and product details. “We can help eliminate production bottlenecks and increase performance of a concrete operation,” says Bailey.

Another distinguishing feature of the Forcast software is it blends management theory with reality. The system is flexible so Bailey can incorporate a producer's core competencies and organizational knowledge into the software while also supporting and enforcing uniform processes. The software features producer-focused innovative graphical scheduling capabilities.

Soon after implementation, Bailey has seen improvements in how production schedulers manage the short- and long-term schedule, drill into specific pour details (piece layout on bed) and easily make adjustments when schedule changes occur.

While the final goal is greater profitability, Bailey says that software users have identified three main operational benefits. The software provides clarity by transforming reams of raw data into solid bits of information with which managers can uncover hard-to-find opportunities for improvement. The software promotes consistency by offering a system in which top managers can ensure the right operation is done the right way every time.

Finally, the software can help increase operating margins because managers can review operational results in real time, allowing for more accurate, agile, and efficient decisions.

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