The National Ready Mix Concrete Association's Build with Strength coalition recently held their first roundtable on the strength and durability of concrete construction in low to mid-rise building sector, and in general in Washington D.C.

The panel was apart of the International Concrete Sustainability Conference and featured experts in the design/build community including Eric Coleman, Development Coordinator of EYC Companies. Coleman spoke on why concrete was so beneficial and resilient, "The nature of concrete in construction offers advantages beyond strength and durability...Concrete’s composition and mass means heat moves more slowly through the material, keeping buildings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  This energy efficiency translates directly into cost-savings over the long-term."

NRMCA President Robert Garbini noted that this panel was a step in a multi-year plan to educated architects, designers, city planners, and elected leaders about the benefits of concrete construction including its strength, durability, and cost-saving potential. He also noted that in the city chosen to hold the panel, Washington D.C., there are constantly "cheap wooden frame" being erected and it is their job to educate people as to why they should choose concrete instead.

To learn more about the coalition, head to their website.