Family owned-Johnson Concrete Company, with multiple locations across North Caroline, announces the addition of CarbonCure Masonry Technology in its Lexington plant.

CarbonCure's technology created environmentally friendly, high-quality concrete by injecting carbon dioxide gas captured from nearby smokestacks into concrete products during the mixing phase. The gas converts into a solid calcium carbonate mineral thus never escaping into the atmosphere.

Johnson Concrete Company Vice President Charles Newsome believes that the company completed all of the necessary research before reaching the decision to license CarbonCure Masonry Technology, "We completed extensive due diligence into the viability of the technology, and its potential to create value for Johnson Concrete, and we are now pleased to offer our customers concrete products with a reduced carbon footprint.

Before Johnson Concrete Company, Charlotte-based Concrete Supply Co. licensed CarbonCure Masonry Technology:

Architects, engineers and developers in the Charlotte metropolitan area now have access to green concrete in both poured concrete and masonry products. In addition to Washington, DC, Charlotte is the second metropolitan center in the world to offer concrete made with recycled carbon dioxide in both ready mixed and concrete masonry products.

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