CEMEX in Egypt contributed to the paving of of Egypt's first concrete highway—a 22-mile road connecting Cairo, the capital, and the seaport city of Suez. Thanks to using concrete the roads will have such advantages as greater durability, higher tolerance, better visibility, and resistance to severe weather.

The use of concrete technology on roads is new in Egypt and this crowning achievement is the product of several years of of multiple concrete initiatives. CEMEX first demonstrated the benefits of concrete paving to Egypt's General Authority of Roads and Bridges in 2011:

Following three years of workshops, studies, and deliberations with Egypt’s General Authority of Roads and Bridges, CEMEX in Egypt was granted permission to initiate the Cairo-Suez project. The preparation, design capabilities, road tolerance, and permanence of the solution, combined with the high on-site performance and expertise of CEMEX in Egypt, resulted in the Authority’s decision to invest in the construction of this important highway.

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