What will influence your operations next year? Who has played a significant role in promoting the concrete industry? Which major event altered the way you will do business?

These are heavy questions, I know. But I’m looking for your input in deciding which individual or company will be named a TCP Influencer. In past years, we’ve highlighted people who have worked on the concrete industry’s behalf, and they have all been worthy influencers. This year, we want to hone in on the trendsetters -- those individuals and companies that have been innovative in the wake of labor shortages, advancements in technology, and, of course, the threats against the industry.

We have our short list of names, but would like to hear from you.

While you’re thinking about what will influence the industry in the coming year, take a moment to see how the industry performed in the last year. With concrete demand rebounding, producers reveal how they plan to keep up. Many turn to technology to gain advantage. Take a look at the 2015 TCP Annual survey results.