NRMCA has released three FREE, two-page flyers promoting the benefits of concrete parking lots. "Each of these new flyers delivers a clear and concise message that concrete should be your first choice," says Senior Director, National Resources, Phil Kresge.

Concrete Parking Lots: A Better Reflection On Your Business! highlights benefits including concrete’s lighter color and the impact it can have on businesses, in terms of both customer impression and the "bottom line."

As might be expected by its title, Concrete Overlays for Existing Asphalt Parking Lots highlights the reasons why property owners and managers should choose a concrete overlay.

"They say that every picture tells a story," continues Kresge. "And what better way to tell the story of concrete’s durability than with photos of 20-plus year old concrete parking lots." Concrete Parking Lot Durability does just that, featuring parking lots that have been in service for years. Additionally, each of the flyers provides a referral to NRMCA’s Design Assistance Program (DAP).

Download the new flyers at the Paving & Parking tab on NRMCA’s resource site. Multiple printed copies are available for purchase through NRMCA’s E-Store. For more information, contact Phil Kresge at