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  • Chris Tull explains the quality testing procedures technicians are performing on the concrete mix used at RCC Live! 2013.

    RCC Live! event at World of Concrete converts contractors to RCC proponents

    Despite heavy promotion for many years, producers and contractors are relatively unfamiliar with roller-compacted concrete. And those that have RCC construction experience have little paving history. To fill in this learning gap, The Concrete Producer and Concrete Construction magazines...

  • In its fourth year, Pervious Concrete Live! 2013 was a showcase for pervious concrete innovation at World of Concrete.

    Pervious Pavement Cleaning Techniques are Showcased at Pervious Live! 2013

    With the number of pervious concrete installations growing, owners are now calling on concrete producers and contractors to help maintain their pavements. Responding to this new demand, the organizers of Pervious Concrete Live! at World of Concrete 2013 presented two approaches contractors can use...

  • Bridgeview, Ill.-based Prairie Material provided SCC for the SCC 2013 workshop at University of Illinois, Chicago.

    TCP supports industry efforts to produce high-quality concrete

    On a beautiful May afternoon in Chicago, BASF product manager Joe Daczko had the full attention of 85 concrete aficionados as he compared placing self-consolidating concrete (SCC) to serving an adult beverage. “You’re not pouring a glass of beer,” said Daczko, as the group watched the fluid...

  • Alan Sparkman discusses pervious concrete at WOC 2013

    Alan Sparkman, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Concrete Association, describes the potential of pervious concrete, a sustainable concrete solution.

  • Central Concrete supplies its concrete mix designs for Bay Area signature projects

    Central Concrete, a U.S. Concrete, Inc. has announced that it supplied its concrete mix designs for three new San Francisco Bay Area projects – the recently opened Exploratorium in San Francisco, Devil's Slide Tunnel and Bridges, and Stanford's Bing Concert Hall.

  • SCC2013: The New Normal

    The Fifth North American Conference on the Design and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete takes place in Chicago, May 12-15.

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    Consistently Batch SCC and Zero-Slump Concrete

    The TouchBatch Precast system allows producers to switch between self-consolidating concrete and drycast on the fly, while maintaining the quality and consistency of the final product.

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    Moisture Management Software

    COMMANDbatch CP controls all of the moisture going into concrete to produce a consistent, quality product.

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    Mobile Mixer for RCC Paving

    Convert any dry plant to a full premix operation with the high-efficiency twin-shaft Mobile Mixer, designed for roller-compacted concrete paving or jobs requiring low- to zero-slump concrete.

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    Admixture Improves Surface Appearance

    Perfin-305 prevents air bubbles from forming on the concrete surface, improving surface quality and finish.

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    World of Concrete Nears

    Where else can you find more than 50,000 fellow concrete construction professionals and more than 1200 exhibiting companies than World of Concrete.

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    Profiting from Quality Concrete

    There is a widely held and incorrect belief in the concrete industry that a producer's quality control (QC) department takes away from and does not add to the bottom line.

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    Density is our Destiny

    Traditionally, pervious concrete has been promoted to be a mix with 15 percent to 25 percent void structure. Our industry has accepted these values due to the balance of hydrological and engineering properties.

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    Lean Machine

    Bakersfield lacks the notoriety, glamour, and fame of other California cities, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. Yet many outside the Golden State probably don't realize that a huge population gain from 70,000 to 350,000 in just 40 years has catapulted Bakersfield almost into the...

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    Pervious Concrete Fibers

    The Ferro-Green blend of fibers for pervious concrete consists of 100% recycled polypropylene fibrillated (network) fibers and a twisted-bundle macro-monofilament fiber.

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    World of Concrete—World of Opportunity

    Where else can you find more than 50,000 fellow concrete construction professionals and more than 1200 exhibiting companies than World of Concrete.

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    It's About Time

    We are constantly battling time constrains on ready-mix deliveries and need help extending the time limits on some projects. We can maintain slump with water reducers easily beyond the 60 or 90 minutes allowed in the specifications. What advice can you offer?

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    Sustainable Construction Analysis

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    Sustainable Waterproofing Mix

    Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete waterproofing admixture is an environmentally friendly alternative for creating waterproof concrete.

  • Competing for the Green

    In the world of green there are two ways to evaluate the release of carbon compounds into the atmosphere: “embodied carbon,” which defines carbon releases along the complete material supply-chain, and “emissions,” which quantifies the amount of carbon released during the lifetime of a structure.


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