Siemens announced the launch of its concrete wind turbine tower technology designed to capture stronger winds at higher altitudes. The 377-foot concrete tower allows hub height to enhance annual energy production by up to 10% or more.

Siemens partnered with Wind Tower Technologies of Boulder, Colo., for engineering and construction methodologies. A unique feature of this patented tower system is the on-site match casting of annular precast tower segments, eliminating the need to grout the joints or provide other special surface treatments between tower sections. On-site casting of the tower segments eliminates transportation costs for off-site fabricated tower sections.

“As wind continues to establish itself as a mainstream energy source in the U.S., Siemens remains focused on driving down the cost of wind power projects. By match casting tower segments onsite, we are able to simplify and streamline the entire tower construction process – reducing costs throughout,” said Michael McManus, Siemens head of business development and strategy for Onshore Americas.

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