For the past several years, the TCP Survey has provided an accurate analysis of what producers of all sorts – ready-mixed, precast, prestressed, and block – are experiencing across North America. Beyond just asking the usual questions about how business has changed over the past year and what changes you anticipate going forward, we want to know what you are most interested in knowing about the industry.

In 2013, the TCP Survey revealed how top producers have managed to survive the turbulence of the previous few years and how they prepared for a strong future. Recurring themes included education and recruiting, reinventing the business, customer service, and adopting new technology.

Last year, the TCP Survey told a slightly different story. It was a rebuilding year with an emphasis on making the most of an improving economy by focusing on core businesses.

As we gear up to create this year’s TCP Survey, I’m curious what information is most important to you, our readers?

And while we’re talking about surveys, here’s one from the NRMCA you should take a look at.

Has Your Company Filled Out the 2015 Driver Recruitment, Retention Survey?

The survey is short and online: it’s fast and easy to compete. Your response will help us all understand today’s recruitment challenges and retention frustrations while sharing successes. Your responses are 100% anonymous - NRMCA simply asks you to identify a broad category of the size and region of your company and if your business is urban, rural or mixed.  If we get enough producers to participate, we can look more closely at the challenges presented by these demographic characteristics.