Researchers are set to begin testing the potential of enhancing concrete with carbon nanotubes. Trials are planned in the United States and Australia over the next two years they hope to demonstrate that commercial use of these super strong and highly conductive carbon particles could measurably enhance concrete. Perth, Australia-based Eden Energy Limited has been working on the CNT project for nearly a decade.

“CNT-enriched concrete should significantly reduce the quantity of concrete required for structures and reduce or even perhaps eliminate the need for re-enforcing steel, resulting in cheaper, lighter, stronger structures, far more flexible designs and far lower Greenhouse Gas footprints,” Eden’s executive chairman, Greg Solomon said.

“10,000 tonnes p.a of CNT would be sufficient nanotubes for 17 million tonnes of concrete, or nearly 70 per cent of the annual Australian concrete supply, so that gives you an idea of its future potential.”

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