The Hoover Dam: What concrete pro doesn't marvel at this symbol of American innovation and grit? Maybe you've even seen it up close on a Dam Tour during World of Concrete. Recently, The Construction Equipment Guide published a unique look (including a photo slideshow) at the structure and writer Pete Sigmund shared these interesting facts:

Hoover contains 3,250,000 cu. yds. (2.6 million cu m) of concrete, which has been compared to the amount of concrete in a 16-ft.-wide (4.9 m) highway between Pensacola, Fla., and Seattle, Wash.

  • [Arthur Powell Davis] had been pushing the dam idea as early as 1902.
  • The average age of a laborer was 35, meaning that the workforce included some veterans of World War I.
  • " ...Being struck by falling objects was the most common cause of death during the dam’s construction. The men began making improvised hardhats for themselves by coating cloth hats with coal tar. These ‘hard-boiled hats’ were extremely effective,” according to the Hoover Dam Web site (www.hooverdam/).
  • The Mack trucks on the Hoover Dam project were the largest in the world at that time. Powered by 250-hp (186.3 kW) engines, they could carry 16 cu. yds. (12.2 cu m) of earth, twice the capacity of other trucks.
  • Total cost for the entire Hoover Dam project has been estimated at $385 million, with the dam itself costing $120 million.