The Pennsylvania business building the new silos for the Tappan Zee Bridge project's floating concrete plants says the replacements for ones that collapsed late last year will be no ordinary steel structures. A recent Journal News article described the work, and how the new structures will be build to withstand the rough currents of the Hudson River.

Brett Shumaker, owner of Shumaker Industries based in Northumberland in central Pennsylvania, said the four steel structures are the most unique silos his team has ever built ... "The big thing is the wider footprint — wider and lower — as opposed tall and skinny," Shumaker told The Journal News in a phone interview. "With a barge, you want the lowest center of gravity possible. It's rocking."

He said the original silos were made by a European company and didn't appear to be designed with the choppy river in mind.

But the new silos will be incredibly strong, he said.

"It can handle gravity laterally," he said. It's designed so that, in theory, it could be filled to capacity, mounted sticking out from the side a building and not break.

The original silos collapsed on Dec. 16., which forced a shut down of the operation. Read More