A group of industry leaders will gather in Dallas on Feb. 22 to continue the effort to improve the concrete construction industry. Little has happened since the last meeting in September but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of thought put into the ultimate goal, which is nothing short of changing the concrete industry for the better.

At the World of Concrete, I spent some time talking with Peter Emmons who is leading the Concrete 2029 initiative. He is looking at this from an industry-wide perspective and seeing that there is no true overarching executive leadership of the concrete industry. “Every company has executive leadership,” he said. “Where’s the executive leadership of the concrete industry? Where is it coming from? Who’s doing what?” That, he says, is the ultimate goal of Concrete 2029.

The prime document that controls concrete design and construction in the U.S. is the ACI 318 Building Code—it can be looked at as the operating system for concrete structures. But it has been limited by its directive to only include life safety provisions. “How can we build an effective operating system that includes all the different aspects,” says Emmons. “Life safety is of course important but how about long-term durability? There’s no process for a designer saying this is the life I designed the structure for. Why isn’t durability built into the 318 code?

"Concrete 2029 is taking a fresh approach to how can the operating system lead us into the future. Concrete 2029 will layout the vision and then strategy and then structure.”

If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please join us in Dallas on Feb. 22. This meeting is open to anyone in the industry who wants to contribute. Here’s a link to where you can sign up: Concrete 2029.