It’s well known that New Year’s resolutions do not have a high success rate, yet year after year, we continue to make them in hopes that this year will be different. Whether they’re personal accomplishments, or professional, we take the time to reflect on the former year and make a promise to change or improve something for the New Year.

Mine was simple this year (at least in theory): Let go of excuses. No specific goals, just one, all-encompassing theme of no more excuses. I’ll let you know how it played out in 2017.

But right now, we’re still celebrating 2016. And there is so much to celebrate. As I mentioned last year, we’re on the path to recovery. The increase in construction means greater demand for concrete, there is an eager young workforce ready to work, the House and Senate passed a Highway Infrastructure Bill, there are advancements in concrete technology and mixes, and we are part of an industry that is poised for growth.

It’s a great time to be part of the concrete industry. We just need to be ready to embrace the advancements, as well as take on the challenges, that come our way.

Looking ahead

As you look ahead for the rest of the year, consider the following:

  • It’s a challenge for almost everyone in the industry to recruit and retain ready-mix truck drivers, but many industry associations are working hard together to address the problem.
  • Creating better concrete is on the horizon; just look to the advancement of alternative cementitious materials. ACMs can help improve concrete’s durability, service life, and strength properties. Learn more about them from Dr. Lawrence Sutter.
  • Advancement in technology is a great thing. Would you ever have imagined creating a mix for use in a 3D concrete printer?
  • Millennial is not a bad word. Many of you have your concerns about hiring millennials. But as columnist Pierre Villere tells us, they play an important part in shaping our current economy. They’re out there, ready to be part of something big. It’s our job now to recruit them into the concrete industry.

2016 looks bright and full of promise. I will try my best to stick to my New Year’s resolution and make this year full of great accomplishments. I hope you too will have a year of great success.