There’s a management principle that suggests if you want something finished quickly, assign it to someone who is overloaded with work. That person will complete the task just to remove the backlog.

For the next 12 months, the public will discover if the construction industry can work in harmony with all levels of government to meet the goals of the Obama administration. All of us will experience a frenzy of activity never before attempted. While critics, pundits, and economists may not agree whether the cash influx is too little or too much, no one debates the stress the rapid deployment will place on the system.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the federal government's Stimulus Bill, will provide a much needed boost to a stalled economy, a long overdue upgrade to an aging infrastructure system, and a chance to employ some of the age's greatest technological advances in construction. But more importantly, this opportunity to build a new America may help us redefine our very future.

So how can producers benefit? We have tried to answer this question on the following pages:

  • Enter the supplier world for large projects. PAGE 18
  • Work with contractors to move into the public works market. PAGE 23
  • Use federal funds to green your fleet. PAGE 30
  • Consider a new highway safety product. PAGE 32
  • Help build bridges that are friendly to the environment. PAGE 34
  • Discover the retaining wall market. PAGE 36
  • Develop better bridges using high-performance concrete. Story at
  • We want to help you remember 2009 not as “the year we survived,” but as “the year we transformed.”