A full-time cash flow manager can make dramatic improvements to the financial performance of a business of any size. In many cases, the extra revenue brought in by a full-time cash flow manager will more than make up for the salary involved. Here are the essential qualities of a successful cash flow manager: 1. Self-motivated. A good cash flow manager needs to be a self-starter who can produce satisfactory results without being checked on constantly. 2. Goal-oriented. After determining your cash flow needs, allow the cash flow manager the freedom needed to achieve the goals that have been set. 3. Sales-oriented. Make sure your cash flow manager understands the importance of good customer relations and the need to keep your customer base. 4. People-oriented. The cash flow manager must be able to get along with and interact successfully with sales managers and dispatchers, and knows that every company is unique and can talk and work with people at all levels in all positions.