Make your best offer on these last select items available from the 2015 CIM Fundraising Auction to score great products for your company while supporting the CIM Program!

One Week Rental–Blastrac 1-10DS Global and 6-54DCGI Dust  Containment System
This item includes a one-week rental of equipment. Blastrac 1-10DS Global is a versatile, self-propelled walk-behind 10" shot blasting system which strips, cleans and profiles concrete and asphalt in one easy step. When operated with the 6-54DCGI dust collector, it operates virtually dust-free. The 1-10DS can prepare up to 1937 sq. ft. per hour consuming abrasive at about 2 lb per 100 sq. ft. or 42 lb per hour. The 6-54DCGI is a six cartridge, auto-pulse industrial vacuum preferred by professional contractors requiring continuous operation and high performance, delivering a maximum airflow of 900 cfm and static pressure of 21 inches. Please note: Freight is NOT included and is the responsibility of the winning bidder. Value: $2,850

Discounted Placement Fee with For Up to 2 Placements is donating a discounted placement fee. Their normal fee for a placement is 25% of the first year's salary. This item would discount that fee to 15% of the first year's salary for up to two placements, making the value approximately $20K if both placements are taken advantage of. For example, if the employee makes $100K in their first year, the normal placement fee would be $25K, but for the winning bidder, it would only be $15K. This is for example purposes only. Approximate Value: $20,000

One Tilt-Werks One Year Subscription
Tilt-Werks is a fully-integrated, web-based design and detail technology used by architects, structural engineers, and contractors. Donated by Dayton Superior Corporation, this includes One (1) Tilt-Werks Subscription for One Year. Dayton Superior is the leading, single-source provider of concrete accessories, chemicals, and forming and paving product solutions, including Tilt-Werks(R). Tilt-Werks is a fully-integrated, web based design and detail technology used by architects, structural engineers, and contractors, and other professionals to create tilt-up buildings and construction packages, including the Building Information Modeling (BIM) data. Value: $800

2 Bottles Crown Royal XR, 2 Bottles Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select, & 20
Hours Consulting Time
Polished Concrete Consultants has donated 2 bottles of Crown Royal XR (Extra Rare) and 2 bottles of Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select. These are both extremely good whiskeys that are very hard to find. Additionally, Polished Concrete Consultants is donating 20 hours of time to be used for project reviews, specification generation/review or technical support for concrete placement, decorative concrete or overlay/repair projects. Items must be claimed by 3/31/15. Value: $5,000

Chute Wash Recovery System.
Innovative Concrete Solutions & Systems has donated one Chute Wash Recovery System. This system is an efficiency tool, saving producers up to 15 minutes per load. It meets Federal EPA Guidelines for handling chute wash water. A ROI of 3-5 months is common with current customers. It is the fastest and easiest system in the market. It leaves "zero footprint" at the customer's site. No pumps, hoses, buckets or valves to cause problems. It also improves safety - no buckets to carry and cleaner sites. Value: $1,500

Lythic DAY1, 2 Buckets (10 gal)
Donated by Solomon Colors Inc. / Lythic, this item includes two 10-gallon buckets of Lythic DAY1. Lythic DAY1 Troweling Aid is a colloidal silica-based topical additive that makes concrete flatwork finishing easier and faster, produces a better result, and provides multiple long-term advantages to the concrete slab. Value: $1,300

10 User Enterprise Licenses of Tekla Field3D
Donated by Tekla, Inc., this item includes 10 User Enterprise Licenses of Tekla Field3D. As a concrete contractor it is important to stay current with the latest technology. Tekla Field 3D software puts BIM in your pocket. It's an easy to use, mobile BIM tool that enables your team members in the office or in the field to work with large data sets and constructible, detailed models. Must be claimed by 5/31/15. Value: $4,000

PCI Engineering Library including Design Handbook, Standard Practice,
Manuals for Hollow Core Slabs and Tolerances & PCI Journal
PCI Engineering Library including: PCI Design Handbook, 7th Ed. (MNL-120-10); PCI Standard Practice (TR-7-05); PCI Manual for the Design of Hollowcore Slabs (MNL-126 98); PCI Tolerance Manual for Precast and Prestressed Concrete Construction, 1st Ed (MNL-135); PCI Journal Subscription. Value: $560

One 5 Gallon Pail of Crete Clean Plus Concrete Floor Cleaner
Crete Clean Plus is the only product on the market specifically formulated to clean exposed concrete floors. Its unique formula allows it to attract dirt, grit and contaminants, and hold them in suspension so they do not get re-deposited on the floor. This product also goes a long way because it mixes with water at the rate of 1 once per gallon. This
five-gallon pail produces enough finished solution to clean about 65,000 square feet of concrete. Works very well in auto scrubbers, and does not require rinsing. Value: $140

Concrete Floor Stripper
One 5 Gallon Pail of Crete Strip Concrete Floor Stripper. CreteStrip is a chemical agent specifically designed to remove tire marks and acrylic coatings from concrete and masonry surfaces in preparation for the application of the Ashford Formula concrete densifier. Value: $230

Washout Watchdog Chute Rinse Down System
The Washout Watchdog is a Premiere Chute Rinse Down System for Ready Mixed Concrete Trucks. It is affordable, highly durable, lightweight, and gravity fed for driver ease and reliability. No pumps or air lines required. Won't clog or breakdown. Each unit is designed to provide full containment of washout materials. There are several models available for front and rear discharge as well as volumetric mixers. Value: $1,400

Porta-Pit Portable Washout Container
The Porta-Pit Portable Washout Container by Washout Watchdog. It’s designed for use by contractors and pumpers on the job-site. It is made of a revolutionary high-strength plastic and supported by metal fork lift runners and side supports. Its portability, safety and "no spill" security lid is the perfect solution for managing and/or transporting washout materials. Value: $2,000

"Boom Box" Boom Pump Spill Containment by Washout Watchdog
The "Boom Box" is a highly durable, light weight, long lasting, crosslink plastic bin with a 20 gauge stainless steel bottom and 1/4" vinyl cover steel pull cable for easy handling. Measures: 96" L x 48" W x 12" H. It is designed to be stored on the boom pump and placed under the unloading hopper during the pumping process. It catches and secures all oils, water, and materials that would ordinarily fall to the ground during the pumping process. It makes job site cleanup a breeze and prevents fines for liquids that would contaminate the soil or storm drains. Used in combination with CETCO Mud Dogs Slurry Dry Gel, it enables all the water that is captured to be absorbed, dumped and thrown in the waste bin as a solid along with other materials that are captured during the pour. Value: $1,000

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