When not out placing concrete, Central Concrete is supporting the community. On July 27 the producer sponsored an event where teams competed to pull a 38,000-pound Central Concrete truck to benefit the Special Olympics.

Several teams, including Central Concrete, Joseph J. Albanese, Perston Pipeline, Star One Credit Union, the G team (sponsored by Hensel Phelps), Sunnyvale DPS (sponsored by Specialty Solid Waste), and a team of Special Olympians, put their muscles to the test for the event.

From 8 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. the 15-person teams, joined by one Special Olympics athlete, together pulled the Central Concrete truck and a Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety fire truck weighing 66,000 pounds.

The goal was to be the fastest team to pull the trucks a total of 20 feet. Teams pulled the ready-mix truck and fire truck twice and the then scores were tabulated and averaged. This year, the winning team was Joseph J. Albanese with a time of 6.95 seconds.

The teams and sponsors raised $23,000 this year. Proceeds support the athletes of Special Olympics Northern California by providing athletic opportunities to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Visit www.sonc.org for more information.