Proper reorganization of a producer's dispatching department into a customer service department is the key to success. As producers promise better service by tightening delivery windows from on-the-hour to on-the-minute delivery times, customer service managers must examine their organizational approach to customer service. Building a cutting-edge customer service department means putting together a well-conceived plan. The plan has six essential components. Goals Owners start by selecting the company's best potential marketing niche. When they identify realistic, attainable, and measurable goals, they can focus on employee efforts. Organization Workers need to know their responsibilities. They need to know how to query and reply to customers, work well with coworkers, set an example for the rest of the team, and optimize activity and truck use. Customer service performance Goals, structures, and guidelines must be measurable. Evaluations vary based on the task. Communication Cutting-edge performance demands good communication across lines. Workers should be articulate and accurate and able to effectively communicate with coworkers and vendors. Trust and teamwork Properly trained employees should be trusted to make decisions involving their areas of responsibility. Employees who earn this trust also have a responsibility to be team players. Positive attitude Customers buy from a supplier only because there isn't a better alternative. You should always try to be that alternative. Having a can-do, accommodating, and truthful attitude is crucial to establishing you as the best alternative. Developing a strong customer service department can be a long and arduous journey, but one that begins with placing people in positions in which they can succeed, giving them the support they need, and making them feel as good about their jobs as your best customers feel about your best service. The article also gives some tips for going above and beyond the call for loyal customers. Keywords: dispatching, customer, service, Moraine Materials, cutting-edge, order, delivery, Delperdang