Computer dispatch systems are making an impact at ready mix plants across the country. Ready mix companies that have utilized these systems are seeing results in greater fleet efficiency, simplified dispatch work , better customer service, and increased profits. The first noticeable benefit of dispatch systems is that the dispatcher's job is simplified. Now, instead of spending most of the day on clerical tasks such as checking credit, determining costs and writing up tickets, a dispatcher can focus on achieving the most efficient use of the plant's fleet and meeting job demands on schedule. With computerized dispatching, information for billing and accounting is obtained at the time of the order. Prior to these systems, order information needed to be passed along to the billing or accounting departments and computed separately. Greater accuracy in record keeping is easy with computerized dispatching, because information is entered once rather than handled numerous times by various people. The second benefit of the computer systems is improved fleet efficiency. A number of ready mix companies have discovered that by investing in a computer dispatch system they do not have to purchase an additional mixer truck. Because the trucks are used as efficiently as possible, they can handle the work that would have been done by an extra truck. Another benefit noticed by ready mix companies with computerized dispatching systems is improved customer service and relations. Customers appreciate that they can check on their orders for current information on delivery times. Profits increase as plant operations run more smoothly and efficiently. Satisfied customers will turn into repeat customers and probably generate new business.