In January 1990, Gary Warren, vice president and general manager of Morse Bros. Material Supply Group in Tangent, Ore., needed some type of training development for the company's drivers. Warren recurited Dan Abbot to spearhead Morse Bros. Mentor Driver Training Program. The training sessions are led by mentor drivers, and held once a week for 15 minutes. During the sessions, drivers view a short video on some aspect of the ready mix industry, then discuss what they have learned. The sessions are divided into three categories: products, vehicles, and personal development. The weekly training sessions, which translate into 12 hours annually, are mandatory for all drivers. When new employees begin work, they sign up for the training program and their skills are assessed and logged into a computer. The new driver is paid a certain percentage of the average driver's salary during the training. After completing each training module, the driver's salary is increased and they move on to the next module. The process repeats itself until the driver is at a comparative level to other drivers. This program has benefitted both the drivers and the company. Since the training program began, Morse Bros. Has received fewer customer complaints, there have been fewer truck maintenance problems, money has been saved, and safety has improved.