The Environmental Council of Concrete Organizations (ECCO) promotes the environmental benefits of concrete products and their role in safe, sustainable construction. People everywhere are concerned about saving the earth's resources. Consumer groups, federal regulators, and local and state governments are asking tough environmental questions. ECCO is prepared to answer those questions from the concrete industry perspective. The Portland Cement Association's market researchers surveyed highway engineers and architects. The architects and engineers indicated that they did not receive much information on the environmental impact of building materials, but would like to receive more. ECCO plans to supply this needed information and educate the construction community on the environmental benefits of concrete. Different levels of membership in ECCO include: founding members, who pay minimum dues of $10,000 a year and joined in 1995. Those who join this category after 1995 are sustaining members. Voting members pay minimum dues of $5,000 a year, and are eligible for a seat on the board of directors. Affiliate members pay minimum dues of $1000 a year. Subscribers pay $100 a year for the ECCO newsletter. All receive substantial discounts on ECCO materials, and founding, sustaining, voting, and affiliate members receive membership certificates and rights to the ECCO logo.