Although it is seldom enjoyable, making collection calls doesn't need to be intimidating. The following steps will make "dialing for dollars" quick, easy and effective. 1. Be fully prepared before you call. People like to try and stump collectors with questions about the order. The more information you have on the account, the better chance you will have of getting a check. 2. Keep notes on the conversation. This avoids having to cover the same ground over again. 3. Determine who the "action" person is. Every company has someone who has ultimate authority to pay past-due accounts or the ability to activate those who do. 4. Be polite but firm. Be careful of the language you use on the phone. 5. Always give a specific deadline. Nobody takes anything seriously without a firm deadline. 6. Never lose your temper on the phone. If you feel yourself losing control, hang up. 7. Anticipate stalls. Be prepared with a solid comeback to common excuses.