One of the most common causes of OSHA violations is a company's lack of specific, written, and enforced safety policy that conforms with OSHA standards. A company safety policy makes your plant safer, reducing the amount of workers' compensation claims, and if you are cited by OSHA for a violation, you have a solid defense in subsequent legal proceedings. A defense to OSHA violations that most courts in the country recognize is the "Unforseen Employee Conduct" defense. The defense has two requirements: the violation committed by an employee occurred without the employer's knowledge; and the violation was extremely unusual, in violation with an enforced company safety rule, and wasn't foreseeable by the employer. In order to minimize exposure to an OSHA inspection, do the following: develop a detailed employee handbook that clarifies the company safety policy and disciplinary actions taken against violators; develop a training program that emphasizes safety; train foremen and superintendents in OSHA requirements; keep abreast of OSHA regulations.