In the late 1980's, construction materials companies were considered hot properties. Acquisitions at previously unheard of prices became common. Today, buyers are more pragmatic in valuing acquisitions, so company owners who are thinking about selling in the next couple of years need to take a systematic approach to selling their company if they hope to achieve full value. Owners who plan to sell their business need to know factors that affect the investment decisions of potential acquirors. From an acquiror's point of view, the first and foremost question asks whether the company is in the right market, in the right location, and the right size to be consistent with his strategic objectives. If the company fits the strategy of the acquiror, then the second question comes up: What is the company's history and reputation as far as quality is concerned? Other factors influencing aquirors include aggregate reserves, environmental issues such as hazardous waste and emissions, regulatory concerns such as permits, licenses and authorities, and outstanding legal issues.