Hanson Pipe & Precast has reached an agreement with Hydroworks to manufacture and distribute the Hydroguard hydrodynamic separator in Florida, California, and Texas. Installed underneath parking lots, gas stations, roads, and other hard-surface environments, the precast concrete device removes suspended solids, oil, and trash from storm water runoff, preventing it from reaching creeks and rivers.

With separate treatment areas for low and high flows, the device helps minimize scour and resuspension of previously captured fine debris.

Designed with urban environments in mind, Hydroguard features a small footprint to minimize conflicts with other utilities and needs only minimal elevation difference between the inlet and outlet pipe. The device requires once-per-year maintenance under typical use.

“The Hydroguard system is an ideal solution to the problem of non-point source pollution, which is responsible for 80% of water pollution in North America,” said Darren Wise, VP of Technical Services for Hanson Pipe & Precast – U.S.  “Hanson is looking forward to adding this specialty product to our lineup, and our plants are well equipped to manufacture the devices to the exacting specifications and customized sizing required for individual applications.”

Hydroguard comes in five sizes from 4 to 12 feet in diameter and 5 to 10.5 feet in depth.

For more information visit www.hansonpipeandprecast.com and www.hydroworks.com.

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