Sales efforts should not only be aimed at contractors, but at the people who specify a product for a project. This means having nontechnical salespeople market towards technical people like engineers and technical professionals. This can be a daunting task for a salesperson, and should be approached with a strategy in mind. Marketers should have a strong technical education and consulting selling skills with a variety of customers. They must have long-term selling skills to generate interest. They should have accurate views of who their competitors are. They should be technically competent to bring quality results. They should be knowledgeable about the changing selling direction and what message is needed to reach specifiers. In order to refocus a company to concentrate on selling to specifiers, companies should reorganize, refocus and retrain. Reorganize the balance of resources, spending and management attention to strengthen your total sales effort. Refocus your management and salespeople to recognize the importance of selling to the specifier. Retrain your entire organization to meet these ends.