In a recent interview, assistant secretary Joe Dear described his vision for OSHA. Dear, confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 1993, has a reputation as an innovative leader in public safety and health programs through his work as director of the Dept. of Labor and Industries for the State of Washington. The comments in this article reflect Dear's plan for revitalizing OSHA. Questions answered by Dear include: After your confirmation by the Senate, you indicated that you would work on bringing a new approach to OSHA. What kind of approach do you have in mind? What are your plans in the standard-setting area? Hasn't one problem always been knowing how many injuries and illnesses there are and where they are so you can target your efforts more effectively? What about OSHA's reform? With all of OSHA's reinvention efforts, do you think OSHA reform is necessary? Do you believe that OSHA can be effective in improving worker safety and health based on its current staffing and budget?